Our step-by-step recruiting process is designed to optimize your candidate experience. This structured and personalized approach discerns your interests and competencies, and allows us to discuss our respective expectations and build a relationship of trust.

1. Submitting your application


Your CV will be reviewed by a team of advisors. The lead time may vary. For a specific engineering position, the hiring process takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks.

2. First communication

After reviewing the applications, we will invite only those candidates who meet the requirements for the position to an exploratory telephone interview. This exchange will validate both parties’ mutual expectations, clarify the experience we’re seeking, and answer the candidate’s questions.

3. Technical test

For most software engineering positions, if the exploratory interview is positive, you will have to take an online test (accessible at all times) in the applicable programming language(s) (C++, C#, LabVIEW, TestStand, etc.). Depending on the position, we might also proceed with other tests (English, Excel, etc.).

4. Selection interview

If your candidacy is retained after the exploratory interview, an advisor will schedule a selection interview with a manager. We prefer to hold this meeting at our offices so that you can get a first impression of our environment and our corporate culture.

The interview involves questions on your technical knowledge and work habits to determine whether your experience, interests and skills match the position and our company.

Since we are an international company, for most positions we evaluate your knowledge of English and the local language of the country where you will work. We invite you to contact your assigned advisor for any questions or issues that could have an impact on the process.

If your candidacy is not retained after the interview, you will be informed. At your request, we can give you feedback on the interview to explain our decision. Candidate information will be stored in our database for an unlimited period.

5. Selection of the candidate

The advisor and the manager participating in the selection process must reach a consensus regarding the candidate selected for the position. We will then present the chosen candidate with an offer of employment detailing the job and our employment terms and benefits. The choice of joining the Averna family will then be yours!

Depending on the nature of the job, we may perform a background check based on predetermined criteria for the position.

6. Arrival and integration

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by our Human Resources team and by your manager, except in the case of satellite employees, who will be guided by phone. An integration session will familiarize you with Averna’s work environment and culture!

The recruiting team

The Averna recruiting team is the gateway to a stimulating and rewarding career. They will guide you to find the position that best meets your expectations and aspirations. Furthermore, they will help you showcase your potential throughout the hiring process.


Liesbeth Boels

We, at Averna, firmly believe that employees are our main asset. When recruiting, I act as a gatekeeper trying to match you with our dynamic and high tech environment where fun, hard work, good humor and teamwork go hand in hand.

Karine Noël

A company’s success and growth depends on the quality of its employees, as well as the acquisition of the best human resources. As a team manager for several years now, my role at Averna is to develop a talent community in engineering and technology, and to demonstrate that we are an employer of choice.