A fascinating career
awaits you at Averna

At Averna, you will be part of an innovative and passionate team enhancing how the world lives, works and communicates! Join us as we strive to be one of the most successful players in the high-tech market.

Frédéric Monfet
Frédéric Monfet
Test Engineering Solutions
James Lawlor
James Lawlor
System Engineer
Freddy Kuong
Freddy Kuong
Senior System Designer
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    Job Categories

    Join the team at Averna, an international Test Engineering company specializing in many fields such as RF, electronics, optics, broadband systems, automotive and medical equipment. No matter where you are in the world, you could be the expert we’re looking for!

    • Engineering
      and systems architecture

    • Software development

    • Hardware development

    • Operations
      and support

    • Project management

    • Sales
      and product management

    • Research and development

    • Corporate affairs


    Your role: Provide test advice during a customer’s peak period, integrate a custom test software solution or contribute to manufacturing of automated test equipment.


    Your role: Be an NI TestStand, LabVIEW, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Python or .NET expert on our team of developers, propose adapted programming solutions integrated with FPGAs and other configurable hardware, or optimize electronic and device test solutions.


    Your role: Design automated test equipment by contributing to the following steps: test strategy, test station design, use of commercial or custom software, self-tests and documentation.


    Your role: Offer optimum support in all product test phases to our customers by helping them calibrate, deploy, manage, track and recondition test equipment in order to improve their product quality while reducing their manufacturing costs and risks.


    Your role: Once the contract is obtained, ensure the project’s efficient progress and successful delivery by overseeing planning, execution and control of the results, so that they conform to project requirements and goals.


    Your role: Promote Averna’s products and services in close collaboration with our partners and all internal teams, including our engineers, follow up with customers and ensure their satisfaction.


    Your role: See to the development and integration of automated test systems for the validation of manufacturing processes and the design of complex electronic products.


    Your role: Ensure the company’s efficient operation by contributing to its Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal Affairs or IT departments. However, note that positions in these fields are limited.

    * As an engineer or developer, your competencies will be enhanced through motivating projects that could lead to your direct assignment at a customer’s premises in the Greater Montreal area when an on-site expert is needed, or even international travel.